Claytime Cafe Manassas, Poor Customer Service Ruins Party

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Claytime Cafe Manassas, Poor Customer Service Ruins Party

Today was Gwyneth's 6th birthday party. Going for something a little different it was scheduled for the 'Claytime Cafe' in Manassas. Their 'thing' is that you children paint pottery before the pizza & cake. However, the place has an attached cafe, so pizza and cake were the only outside items you were allowed to bring in. Prior to the event it was confirmed that we'd have some parents there that would be painting too, and at the event it was confirmed with a member of staff that they wouldn't mind the party running over a little while, as they didn't have another event scheduled.

The party went well, up until about 6.15. Admittedly this was 15 minutes beyond the time paid for, but still, a staff member had said not to worry about it. The pottery had been completed, and the cake had just been served. The owner of Claytime Cafe then came up and rather than saying in a polite manner that we needed to wrap up, started in with an attitude quoting the contract, and complaining that she'd not been told about the adults coming. She forced the party to disband, and made the party guests take their cake to their cars. In the process, she managed to convince the parents of 9 small children that they should not return to her establishment.

Her poor customer service skills also included not admonishing a member of her staff who decided to hold her personal belching contest, and then be rude to the guests when they complained. So the staff of Claytime Cafe are both rude and crude.

What could the owner have done better? If she had merely come up to the group and politely mentioned that the party would have to wrap up as the alloted time had completed, then everything would have been fine. Instead she chose to start out in a confrontational manner with the people that had just given her over $300. Oh, and she also complained that the pizza had been set up on a table outside the party room, as the contract clearly stated that the pizza had to be in the party room at all times. Again, this was where a member of her staff had said to place the pizza...

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At 11/12/2007 8:33 PM, Blogger The Co-Pilot said...

I found your blog while googling Claytime Cafe as I see it from time to time when down in that area. It's unfortunate to read that what was supposed to be a fun and exciting time for your daughter's birthday turned more into a headache and a sour expierence.

If you get to Ashburn I would highly recommend The Pot and Bead. Though I have not been yet, there is also Color Me Mine at Fairfax Corner.

I hope (despite the poor expierence at Claytime) that your daughter had a wonderful birthday. :)

At 12/31/2010 4:36 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

So glad to see this!! We were guests at a Claytime party in Chantilly and it was great (pizza, cake and fried chicken were served!) Management and staff great. I moved further out (Haymarket) and my daughter wants a claytime party. The closest is Manassas and that is where I was thinking to schedule. NOT NOW!!! Thank you , Thank you, Thank you!! I will either make the drive to Chantilly or try something else.


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