Running update

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Running update

Before I left for San Jose, I had a target of running 18-20 miles. Well, I managed 17.3 miles, which was the longest that I've ever run. I would probably have been able to go longer, but unfortunately I ran out of Gatorade. Poor planning? Not quite, I'd put extra Gatorade bottles on the route, at round about where I knew I'd need them. Unfortunately, it looked like some kind soul saw them, assumed they were garbage, and tossed them in the dog waste bin around the corner... Anyway, I was still happy to make 17.3 miles, and next Saturday the target is 20-22...

Knowing that I'd be in LA, I looked ahead to see if there were any running events going on there, while I was there. There was. So on Saturday I was down in Playa Del Rey, CA, at 8.30 am for the Jet to the Jetty 10k run. This was a really nice course along roads next to the beach, so there was a nice cool breeze the whole way. At around the 2 mile mark, I'd hit my stride, and found a woman running at the same pace as I, so we kept each other company for the rest of the race, up until the 6 mile marker when I sprinted for the finish. Thanks to her help I ended up with a time of 50:27, over 4 minutes faster than my previous personal best. I ended up 95th out of 282 runners, and the 12th fastest man in my age group (out of 27). Not bad at all :)


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