San Francisco

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

San Francisco

Yes, it's out of order, but hey at least I'm writing it now :)

The other Sunday, prior to the conference, I met up with Kim Rapp and her daughter, and we went for a trip to San Francisco. Not sure why they call it the foggy city though. Anyway, here's a picture of the Golden Gate bridge in all its majesty...

Funny thing was, as soon as we made it to the other side, in Sausolito, it was absolutely gorgeous weather.

Coming back, Kim wanted to show me the streets of San Francisco (no, there was no sign of Karl Mulden, or Michael Douglas). So we went for a roller coaster ride around town...

In San Francisco, I'd say that people don't pray to god first... instead they must pray to the midas or meineke man that their brakes are up to snuff... We actually did well, up until we hit traffic half way up a hill, then Kim's poor car with manual transmission refused to move forward... backward was no problem though, so it's great that Kim managed to hit the brakes before the Mercedes behind. We ended up having to coast back down the hill in reverse, hoping that a street car wasn't going to pop up behind us at some point. It all worked out fine, and we took the long way around the city that avoided the hills. All in all, it was a good getaway prior to the work at the conference. Thanks Kim.


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