My first half marathon

Monday, September 03, 2007

My first half marathon

Yep, despite the fact that I'd planned to run my first marathon in Philly in 2 weeks, I decided to run this morning in the Abebe Bikila International Peace Half Marathon in Alexandria, VA. I drove down for the start, with a plan to finish in 2 hours. Starting at 9.04 am I ran the first 7 miles in exactly one hour, well on target. Then, at about 9 miles, a nasty blister started to form on my left foot. It forced me to walk from the 10 mile marker to about 11-1/2 miles, when I decided to just run through the pain. 2 hours 3 minutes and 37 seconds after I started, I crossed the finish line, and got the following medal.

Now I know that in Philly, in 2 weeks, I can easily finish below 2 hours (barring injury).


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