More AOL data analysis

Thursday, August 10, 2006

More AOL data analysis

Things that make me feel happy to be married (coming up on 14 years)... you don't get someone like user 2708 upset enough to try to make your life hell (here's what AOL reported her searching for over the 3 months they released the data for)...
revenge tactics
the woman's book of revenge
dirty tricks for chicks
voice changer
how to humiliate someone
bill me pay later for cd's
scams to play on people
how to get revenge on an old lover
i hate my ex boyfriend
how to really make someone hurt for the pain they caused to someone else
columbia house
advice from women who have seeked revenge on old lovers
how to say goodbye hurtfully
how to report child neglect in the state of new hampshire
free articles on gay life that can be mailed to me
free christian things
free gay magazines
free angry stuff to send to an ex lover
how to permanently delete information from your hard drive
women's harley davidson boots
the worst thing to send someone via email
thong dancewear
what can i do to an old lover for revenge
mean revenge tactics
death records in hampstead new hampshire

Got to wonder what this guy did, but by heck it looks like he made the right decision to get away from good old 2708 (thanks to
Declan McCullough for this data)


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