To sleep for 3 hours... or not

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

To sleep for 3 hours... or not

Having spent the last 5 hours doing work from home (next time I start a lot earlier), I'm now left with the interesting question... do I go to bed for 3 hours (sleeping in until 6am), and wake up feeling knackered, or do I just stay awake and head into work early? I'm thinking that bed sounds good, although I'm going to write another blog post before bed (just so I can catch the end of the Avengers that I've had running in the background - Ronnie Barker plays a cat loving villain, so I can't really miss it) ;)

Update: Apparently going to bed for 3 hours means that you sleep through your alarm and actually wake up in 5 hours... Gives me a nice rush hour drive to work...


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