Wonderful Excel

Friday, July 28, 2006

Wonderful Excel

No, really :)

There's one function that I had to research and figure out about 4 months ago that I have used over and over again in reporting that I've had to do. It's cut down the time and made things so easy for me. What is it you ask? Well, you probably don't, but tough I'm going to tell you anyway.


the match function goes to sheet 1 and tries to find a match for the contents of cell A20 on this sheet with a cell in the range c4-c447. When it find a match it returns a number, which gets added to the 3, to point to the row in column E that matches the result I want. The indirect function then returns me the actual contents of that cell. I love it. It enables me to link across various spreadsheets and compile aggregate reports for management, which they like.

Hopefully that's cured your insomnia ;)


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