iPod mini woes fixed

Sunday, July 30, 2006

iPod mini woes fixed

So every now and again our iPod mini would stop in the middle of a podcast or song and skip to the start of the next one. This started getting really frustrating as it meant that I would have no idea as to whether I could get through an entire podcast. This problem went on for a couple of weeks, then lo and behold, the iPod mini stopped talking to the computer. We'd hook it up as usual (so we'd get the latest podcasts), but the machine would refuse to see it... What to do? Well I reformatted it. Now the pc and the iPod are talking once again, and it hasn't skipped once in about a month (seems like there's some bad memory in there, and the reformat tagged it as such, so it doesn't get used). Now I can listen to The Now Show, The Daily Searchcast, Fighting Talk, or Doctor Who without worry... happy days :)


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