Cushings disease?

Friday, June 23, 2006

Cushings disease?

Growing up I had a Jack Russell terrier that was diagnosed with Cushings disease. He was given a short time to live and he went bald. Despite the diagnosis, he actually lived another 3-4 years, and my mother learnt that hairless dogs need sunblock :)

A friend of mine's wife was also diagnosed with Cushings disease. Her symptoms included her hair not growing for a few years. After she underwent brain surgery she's doing great, and now has to get her hair cut like everyone else.

So why am I writing about a pituitary gland disease that most people have never heard of? Well last night I picked up one of our cats from the vets, where they'd decided to once again raise her insulin level. If this doesn't help her, then they're concerned that she may have Cushings disease, which in cats apparently manifests itself by thinning the cat's skin, reducing the sheen on the fur, and stopping the body from correctly absorbing insulin... we'll have to wait and see if she needs an ultrasound to make this diagnosis. $$$


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