Move over George Orwell

Friday, June 09, 2006

Move over George Orwell

It has been announced that Google researchers have reported that it's feasible to listen in on the internal microphone of your computer and determine what tv show (if any) you're listening to, and based on that offer contextual advertising.

"Experiments with a laptop placed in the lap of a person ten feet from a television and engaged in loud conversation with some one next to them were successful in providing matching online content"

So if you're watching "The Amazing Race" it may serve up ads for travel sites... If this is real, not only is it freaking amazing, it's also damn scary... what's next? You're having a fight with your spouse so google starts serving ads for divorce lawyers?

Although I know that telemarketers do do this, if they hear a child crying or a dog barking, they input that information into their system for future reference (next time they're working for a canine fencing system?), so this really is just one step beyond that...


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