The 10th Doctor

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The 10th Doctor

Christmas Day Top 10:

1. EastEnders (BBC1) - 10.1 million viewers
2. Dr Who (BBC1) - 9.4 million viewers
3. Coronation Street (ITV1) - 9.4 million viewers
4. Two Ronnies Christmas Sketchbook (BBC1) - 7.9 million viewers
5. Shrek (BBC1) - 6.7 million viewers
6. Emmerdale (ITV1) - 6.6 million viewers
7. Toy Story (BBC1) - 6.5 million viewers
8. Celebrity Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? (ITV1) - 6.3 million viewers
9. The Queen's Speech (BBC1) - 6.2 million viewers
10. BBC News 6.50pm (BBC1) - 6.2 million viewers

The show was fairly enjoyable, not a great episode, and the plot was a bit thin, but at least it was a decent introduction to a very British alien. The bad guys were well done, although the pilot fish were under used. I wasn't too keen on the fight scene, but I guess they're showing that he's going to be more in the Pertwee style of physical involvement (Venusian Karate?). I'll be interested to see how the new series goes in March, especially since they're bringing back some old favorites (Sara-Jane, K-9, and the Cybermen)...


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