Reliability thy name isn't Volvo

Monday, December 19, 2005

Reliability thy name isn't Volvo

Well, before I went to Chicago we'd been having issues with the Volvo just dying (it generally starts up again ~1-2 minutes later). So we figured the trip would be the perfect time to leave the car in the shop, and get them to fix it. They apparently couldn't find the cause, although they charged us $700 for a bunch of things that might be it. Well with Kim out last week with her surgery, today was the first time I've driven it. I got about 3 miles from the house before it died on me...

Tonight I'm going attempt to drive it to a different Volvo dealership (same owners, different location), and hopefully they'll figure it out, otherwise there's going to have to be a xmas week trip to CarMax...


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