Thursday, December 22, 2005

Well changes are coming fast and furious. My wife has resigned her job (effective Jan 12th) for reasons that I won't go into given that people from work sometimes read this. We're taking our daughter out of school effective the same date, and she'll be home schooled. While the school has been good for her, and helped her out of her shell, she needs some 1 on 1 attention to get her up and running on writing and reading. Based on this, I'm now going back to school to work some more on that MBA I started last year (well technically I started it while doing my other Masters degree, since some of the classes count for both). I'm starting to pull a team together to get my department up and running (well running faster than it has been with one runner). I've also dropped out of CoH/V, an online game that I've enjoyed playing off and on for ~18 months.

Just like the old curse says "May you live in interesting times"


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