Page Rank

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Page Rank

For those who aren't aware, Google gives each website a page rank #, which is an indicator of the popularity of the site. I came across this nice new tool that actually allows you to put in a website url and see the page ranks of any other sites that are linked to from that site. For example, when typing in this site I was able to see from my post of yesterday that had a PR of 5, whereas has a PR of 0 (which given that it is a new site for a new company launched only yesterday is to be expected).

Ok, so I can see some numbers, what does that mean to me? Well in order to increase the ranking of your site you want to link with sites that have a higher ranking (which is where the challenge comes in, as they want to do the same), this tool can allow you to analyse multiple sites at one time through links, rather than using the google toolbar and having to visit each site individually.


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