The end of Christmas?

Sunday, April 02, 2006

The end of Christmas?

Heading home from our weekend away we came down route 50 E, stopping off at a vineyard on the way down to pick up a bottle for later, this place is actually looking for volunteers to help bottle their wine, should you do that for a morning, or afternoon, you get some free wine (not sure how much, but since it's during the week, I'm not going to be able to do it, Kim may...).

Anyway, after leaving there we turned down route 15 south, intending to go through Haymarket. We noticed that the Haymarket exit had lots of flashing blue lights by it, and a long line of traffic, so we quickly shot off down an alternate route. Coming out at the other end, we saw at least 5 fire trucks sitting there. We figured that it must be a parade of some kind. Then we came to the corner of the road and saw that the xmas show , which has a lumber yard behind it and a petrol station next to it, had burnt down. I guess they sent
everything they could to it, just so they could stop it from getting to either of those businesses, causing a real problem (plus the main rail goods line goes just behind it). We never actually made it into the store, thinking that it looked a bit tacky (indeed the air stank of burnt plastic), but it was someone's livelihood that's gone, hopefully they were well insured...


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