Small world

Friday, March 31, 2006

Small world

So Kim & I have escaped our normal life for a weekend. We're up at a B&B in Berryville, VA (more on that tomorrow when I can take pictures). Anyway, tonight we arrived and were invited down by the owner for drinks with the other guests. We chatted for a while about the local area, and the history of the town, before we got onto the subject of England. The owner's husband has actually been to Manchester & West Yorkshire investigating his family history. The small world bit came about when another guest mentioned that he used to travel between Manchester & Sheffield. He actually complained about the traffic on Mottram moor, and talked about how much he liked the chippy in Tintwistle, a place about a mile from where my dad used to own a shop, and about a mile in the other direction from the village I grew up in.
I had an experience like this a few years ago when I got back in contact with a former friend, she told me that she'd actually visited the Shenandoah mountains the previous August, but was unable to go down skyline drive because of a fire that day. That exact same day I had travelled out to Shenandoah to take my family & a friend down to see it, and we were unable to go down because of the fire. It really is a small world sometimes...


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