Go Google(TM) yourself

Monday, April 10, 2006

Go Google(TM) yourself

It's been a while since I did a vanity / ego search - a search on my name - so I just popped over to Google and typed it in. For the first time this blog is showing up in the #1 spot, right where it should, based on relevency. Here's the list of the rest...
  1. A wiki page from 7 years ago, that I haven't touched, and wish would just go away...
  2. Matt Cutts (Google guru) site - comments that I posted about April Fools day
  3. Jim Boykin's Internet Marketing Blog - comments that I posted about a new tool
  4. A bunch of dead people with the same name as me
  5. A story that I wrote last year / the year before
The interesting thing, is that up until recently most of the results on the first page were for a biographer who shares the same name, I've now pushed him down and off the first page. Now I just have to go out and do that for the dead people too ;)


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