Problems and solutions

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Problems and solutions

So the cd player in the SUV died the other day. A cd got stuck in it (one of Kim's that I didn't particularly like, so no big loss), and the damn thing kept trying to eject it, even with the engine turned off. Finally the motor in the player burnt out. So I was left with a choice:
  1. Who needs a cd? Well given the rubbish on the radio I do, so this is a no go
  2. Buy a new cd player (~$100), get it installed (~$50) - possible, but nah
  3. Get an FM transmitter to attach to the iPod ($35), plug it in in the car, and listen to my music whenever I want
Yep, option 3 was what I went with, it works nicely. I guess I"ll be able to listen to the Danny Sullivan's DailySearch cast in the car on the way to work, it'll be a change from listening to it on the treadmill, it's not got too much of a beat to it ;)


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