Balderdash practice

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Balderdash practice

Have you ever played the game Balderdash? You're split into teams, given a dictionary word, and have to make up a definition. The person in the middle reads each fake definition, and the real one, and you have to vote on which one you believe to be the real definition. Should you get it right, you get a point. Should others vote for your definition, that's a point for each team that picked it. Advanced versions of Balderdash have you writing what happened on a date in history, or to describe why a particular person is 'famous'.

The game I prefer, however, is the abbreviation game. You're given an abbreviation and each team has to come up with a believable group, society, or association that uses those initials. How can you get easy practice at this? Easy! The next time you're stuck in traffic, look at the license plate of the car in front... no, not that one with the personalized plates, the one next to it... take those 3 letters and try to come up with a group that could use those initials. For instance, today I was behind a car with a license plate starting with GLA. What organization could use those initials? "Guy Lombardi Appreciators"? "Gay, Lesbian Alliance"? "Gladioli Lovers Association"? "Greatest Living Americans"?. The possibilities are endless (well as long as you're not behind a license plate starting with ZQX), and the next time your friends come over for a friendly game of Balderdash, you'll be ready for them...


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