Getting fit - part II

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Getting fit - part II

In the last post I did on this subject I mentioned that I'd post again when I hit my initial goal of 1stone, or 14lbs of weight loss. Well, that happened about 2 days after that post, so instead I decided to not mention anything else on this topic until I hit the next goal of 20lbs or 1st 6lbs of loss, with my aim being to complete that before the end of the year. Well this week took me a lot longer to lose those last few pounds, but based on the scale last night, and this morning... I'm there :)

So in 22 days I've lost ~21lbs. I would anticipate that it's now going to take me a lot longer to lose any more, but I am going to keep at it, as I want to be able to enjoy the football (soccer) games in April and May, not just the first 5 minutes. As for other changes brought about by this... I've gone down 2 jeans sizes, I can fit in t-shirts that had obviously 'shrunk in the wash' over the last year or so, and my whole body aches ;) (no pain, no gain).

Well, that is it on this topic, I know I'm starting to bore some people, but hey it's an achievement for me (not necessarily a new achievement, as I did this same thing 9 years ago, but then it was for a contest and I had no intention of keeping it up, so I didn't), and I just wanted to share.


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