Enterprise - we'll pick you up... eventually

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Enterprise - we'll pick you up... eventually

On Thursday I called Enterprise and informed them that I was dropping my car off at the body shop, and that I'd need to be picked up at 5pm. The body shop is about 10 minutes from Gwyneth's daycare, so I figured that I had enough time to get her before they closed at 6.30.

I made it to the body shop at 4.50, and waited. The guy at the body shop called them at 5.10 to make sure they were on their way, they said they were and would be there really soon. I called at 5.30 and asked the same question... they said that she was almost there. I called at 5.45 to be told that she had left a long time ago and should have been there by now. I called at 6pm, and was told the same thing. I informed them that I had to get my daughter and would be late if she didn't get there soon, and I asked if they could call her on her cell phone. The guy on the other end of the line, who obviously believes in the Basil Fawlty style of customer service, just repeated to me in a louder voice that she'd be there soon. So I asked again if she even had a cell phone. Loudly he told me not to worry, and that she'd be there. 6.13 pm, she showed up, and drove me to the location that the rental car was parked at. We quickly went through the paperwork, and I got to Gwyneth's school at 6.48 pm...

I have yet to find out if her school has charged us the $1 per minute that we're late that they say they will, but if they do I'll be sending that bill directly to Enterprise Rent a Car.


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