Beastie Bazaar

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Beastie Bazaar

One week to go until the Beastie Bazaar, we went for the first time last year, and had a fun time. It's way out in the Virginia countryside, with the parking lot being a distance from the actual event, so there are 2 tractors constantly running to give you rides back and forth from the event. The cost of admittance is a bag of dog or cat food, which is donated to local animal welfare groups.

The problem this year, is that it rained on Saturday, so Gwyneth's soccer game has been postponed to next Sunday, this means that we have her game at noon on Saturday, another one at 11 on Sunday, an event that our vet is holding on Sunday from 11 - 3 , and with Kim driving to NJ on Sunday for training for her new job it's going to be tight. It looks like we'll have to go to the bazaar on Saturday after her game, so we'll get maybe 2-3 hours there...


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