The PWC Farm Tour

Sunday, October 01, 2006

The PWC Farm Tour

Every year, Prince William County has a farm tour. About 8 different local farms open their doors for the public for 2 days. We've gone every year for about the last 4 years. It's a fun day out for the kids, and you get to see places that you wouldn't even know about. For instance I had no idea how many Alpaca farms there are within a few miles of my house.

In fact, the farm that we visited today - the Double 'O' Good Alpaca farm - has over 250 Alpacas. We spoke with the owner, and she told us that she'd just bought a female for $180,000... yep $180,000...

Another farm that we visited was a horse farm that was offering free manure to one and to all, which was something that my rose growing friend was absolutely thrilled with. What they did at that farm for the kids was set up the show jumping fences at kid height.

The next stop was at a pumpkin picking farm, we didn't actually pick any pumpkins, but we did walk through the hale bay maze, and Gwyneth got to ride in a cow, pulled by a tractor. What more could any kid want?


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