The Wiggles on tour

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Wiggles on tour

Last Wednesday I took off work and went into DC with Gwyneth for a special birthday treat... Naturally we got there way too early, so to kill time I first took her around the International Spy museum, which naturally bored her to tears, but I found it interesting. Then, after we went past the 5 police cars with flashing lights, who were cordoning off the street we were walking on,

we headed over to
the Verizon Center or "the phone booth" as it's more commonly known in the area, to see The Wiggles

She had a wonderful time, despite the hour long lines to get in, the overweight yo-yo couple in front of us (you can see the back of one of their heads in the picture above), who apparently didn't quite get the concept of sitting down, and the fact that Gregg Wiggle was out sick, so his part was played by his understudy - Sam. It was the second time that she'd seen the Wiggles, so this time we were prepared, and brought along a dog bone for Wags the Dog, which they collected towards the end of the show (Gwyneth was clutching it the whole time, as she wanted to make sure she was ready to hand it over when they came round for it).


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