Job Offer

Friday, June 30, 2006

Job Offer

Well today I received a job offer that sounds too good to pass up. Obviously my reputation knows no bounds, as I haven't even been looking. However, once you get an email from the EU Health commission about being in charge of donating all EU health funds in the US, what else can one say? For those of you that think that this is some kind of a scam, since they know no details about me, such as my name, qualifications, address, etc... well shame on you, Dr Tessy Cole specifically states in the email that they also work closely with the anti-fraud department of the EU, so they must be legit... right? :p

I guess the guy in Nigeria looking for help in moving his funds must be quaking in his boots with this new competition (although I think he may have died, as I keep getting emails from a woman in Nigeria, looking to move her late husband's funds). Kim, on the other hand, is so lucky, she apparently wins the British lottery at least twice a month, despite her not entering it, thank goodness there are people out there willing to email her to let her know, and all they need is her SSN, bank details, and a small cash advance to release our millions... hmm since Kim is getting all that money I'm not going to need that new job with the EU, I'd better let Dr. Tessy know so she can continue her search. ;)


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