Yes I'm a geek!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Yes I'm a geek!

So up until Howard Stern left the terrestrial airwaves, I had something to listen to in the morning on the sometimes 90 minute commute to work. Then nothing... DC radio is rubbish, the only semi amusing show has a guy with a laugh like a constipated hyena that just grates on your nerves after about 5 minutes. We did get one Sirius receiver, but that's in Kim's car so of no use to me. So what do I listen to on the way into work now? Well, I actually download the Daily Searchcast to the iPod, and listen to it over the FM transmitter. It keeps me informed on stuff going on in SEM, is mostly amusing, and doesn't go over the commute time. Of course, it's not quite the same material as Howard, but that's probably a good thing ;)

Edit: Since I'm off to Albany this afternoon, I've downloaded a bunch more podcasts from since I'll have some time I'll be able to find out if there are other shows that are worth listening to (although where I'd find to fit them in in the day would be another topic)


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