Busy weekend

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Busy weekend

On Saturday morning, the 3 of us ran in the Braemar 1 mile fun run, Gwyneth was thrilled to get a medal for completing the course. Right after that we headed out to her soccer game, where her team kept up their unbeaten record. Then it was off to my game. The team that we were playing hadn't lost for 1-1/2 seasons. At half time we were down 4-2, but we came back to win the game with a final score of 7-5. Of course, it helped that they didn't have a full contingent of players, so our 11 beat their 9.

On Sunday, despite the aches, I had another game. This time, my team was short, and the other team was full. At half time we were down 2-1. After we went to 3-1 our goalie got fed up with the lack of cohesion on the forward line and decided that he wanted to play up front. Muggins volunteered to take over in net. Naturally we ended up losing 5-1. Ah well, it just means they won't ask me to play in goal again...


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