2 hours in Tuscany

Sunday, May 13, 2007

2 hours in Tuscany

Last night we went to a Tuscany wine seminar, which is basically a wine tasting with wines from that region, along with a slide show on the history of the Tuscany, and the Frescobaldi family in particular. It was an interesting evening, where we found out that the Frescobaldi family has been in the business for 1000 years. The wines themselves? Excellent. I'm not normally a red wine drinker, as I'm not a big fan of the cherry taste that a fair few red wines carry, but these had such a variety of flavors. They varied in price from the cheapo $15 bottle of Chianti to the $190 bottle of 2004 Ornellaia Estate Bolgheri, which was apparently flown in specially for the event last night, so our group was the first on the Eastern seaboard to taste it. All in all a nice evening out.


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