The future of parking?

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The future of parking?

At some new Volkswagen showroom in Wolfsburg Germany they have an automated delivery system for new cars. Each car is stored in a cubby, and when sold the robot arm climbs up and brings it down to the door. The large cubby structure takes up less room than a regular storage facility, and by all accounts works rather well, even if it does look like the designers watched the Matrix too many times...

I can't help wondering, if this works out well for them, and it's financially viable, this may lead to a whole new genre of parking garages... going to the supermarket? Pop your car on the robot arm and off you go... Of course it'll probably be fought tooth and nail by the valet parking lobby...

(ye s I know retrieval times would probably make this to be so unfeasible it wouldn't be funny)


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