My Strengths

Monday, March 13, 2006

My Strengths

For one of my classes I've had to write a paper on my 'unique' strengths. This was done by sending a request to 20+ people that know me, and asking them to each write 3 examples detailing where I've displayed a particular strength. I managed to get 13 responses (thankfully I wasn't asked to ask them for my weaknesses, or I'd have probably got 20+ responses, with more than 3 examples from each). The responses that I got back were interesting, some people listed experiences that I just didn't remember, which kind of highlighted to me that what may seem like a small thing to you, may be a much bigger thing to others, and others had higher opinions of me than I myself hold.

I ended up with 9 common themes among the examples returned. It's been a challenge extending these ideas to a 10-15 page introspective paper, but it's been a fun kind of challenge. If you were one of the people to respond, thanks, and I'll leave you with the final line from my paper.

"Maybe the biggest challenge for me after this exercise will be living up to the perceptions that some people have of me."


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