Marketing Pilgrim contest draws to a close

Monday, February 12, 2007

Marketing Pilgrim contest draws to a close

So I've been a member of MyBlogLog for a couple of months now, it's an interesting place, with lots of different blogs and bloggers on view, heck it's brought me some traffic to this site and my local search blog. For over a month now a contest was going on to see who could get the most community members, Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim offered a free Zune or iPod, and ShoeMoney offered up a picture of a nice looking young woman to entice people to join. The contest ends this Friday, and Shoemoney has won handsomely with over 815 members to Marketing Pilgrim's 473. So I now have a 1 in 473 chance of winning an iPod, which will come in useful with my current one playing up a lot...


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